DESIGNER: Julia ChildsCONTRACTOR: Robin HansenPHOTOGRAPHER: Mykal BushYEAR: 2013 / 14

With panoramic views of the red rocks of Southern Utah and the City of St. George, this Modern Industrial home brings together rustic elements of stone, wood, and metal paired with clean lines, soothing grays, and metallic finishes throughout. This home exemplifies the finest of modern living in a family lifestyle. Featuring four custom fireplaces throughout the home, this home finds warmth even in the coolest of winter days. The home also features custom cabinetry design, textured wall coverings, reclaimed wood flooring, a custom entry door with reclaimed wood and shattered glass panels, a curved stair case also featuring shattered glass. Each of the rooms was planned with a family member in mind along with their own personal tastes. Each bathroom entails custom tile layouts featuring unique mosaics and finishes. Throughout this project, designer and client worked hand in hand to create a space that most importantly reflects the clients sense of personal style. With the help of an experienced contractor, this clients dream soon became a reality of modern beauty.

ARCHITECT:  Jeff Andrews

FURNITURE:  Design Studio by Julia Childs and Liz Tate