The Underwood

The Underwood


The Underwood

Designer: Julia Roberts
Contractor: Split Rock Custom Homes
Photographer: Drone Your Homes
Year: 2022

This thoughtfully designed desert farmhouse-style home seamlessly blends luxury with livability. As you step into the home, your eyes are immediately drawn to the breathtaking view of Snow Canyon, becoming the main focal point that welcomes all visitors. Large, expansive windows along the north side of the home further accentuate the captivating scenery, inviting the beauty of the outdoors to the home. From the pool and backyard to the great room, dining room, and primary bedroom, every aspect of the layout was strategically positioned to optimize the awe-inspiring vistas of Snow Canyon. Each detail was carefully considered, ensuring that the home’s layout seamlessly complements the mesmerizing landscape, making it a sanctuary where luxury effortlessly intertwines with comfortable living.

To create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere, the designers carefully curated a black and white color palette, complemented by natural wood accents throughout the home. Wood floors and finishes exude warmth, while refined touches and elegant beam ceilings add a sense of sophistication. Richly textured fabrics were thoughtfully chosen, inviting depth and comfort into the space, making it perfect for a family-oriented environment that caters to both kids and adults. The furnishings beautifully harmonize vintage, traditional, and contemporary pieces, infusing the entire home with an inviting and enjoyable ambiance. The home was thoughtfully prepared with a minimal-maintenance design, which allows for seamless transitions in and out of the house, so these snowbirds can easily transfer between their summer and winter home without worrying about their home becoming dirty.

Additionally, this home caters to the client’s specific hobbies and passions. A separate second garage was transformed into a woodworking shop, serving as a personal sanctuary for the client’s woodworking pursuits. This space is thoughtfully designed with blacked-out shades and soundproofing to ensure a peaceful and undisturbed environment, respecting the neighbors’ peace while the client indulges in his creative craft. This attention to detail further enhances the harmonious balance between luxury, functionality, and the clients’ individual interests, making the home a truly personalized and cherished retreat.

With the view of Snow Canyon as the breathtaking backdrop, this home truly becomes a serene oasis for the clients to enjoy throughout the year. The careful consideration of each detail, from the choice of materials to the layout and furnishings, reflects the essence of the clients’ personalities and passions.

We are trying to take in the view as quickly as possible so when you enter the home from the east facing entry. As you come in you turn right and you look out the main window out to the view of snow canyon from entrada. A lot of the format of the house is because we are trying to see the view from the beginning  of the home all the way thru. So the positioning of the pool and backyard are positioned towards the view along with the great room, dining room, and primary bedroom. Large spans of windows follow the north side of the home to allow for those views are the main encompassing feature of the layout of the home. The client wanted to take on a farmhouse style in the desert, desert farmhouse. So we included wood floors and a lot of wood work that was natural wood finishes and stain finishes. In the kitchen we played with painted cabinets as well as stained cabinets and then a metal and wood hood. Using wood was a major feature we used throughout the home to create warmth with all of the doors being solid wood doors in walnut. There were raised panels as well. We did wolf sub zero appliances throughout the kitchen and a live edge dining table that was fun and inviting. There was a beautiful restoration hardware chandelier which is more of a linear pendant but the soft, natural glow of the lights luminate the space with a soft ambiance. We added different textures to fabrics to bring in different depths of texture rather than color. We played with black and white color palette with natural woods. We wanted a cozy feeling even though the spaces were large so we sat in a lot of sofas to get the consideration of what would be family friendly. Fabrics really textural but easy to maintain. They are very family-oriented and have a lot of family to come stay out of state and have grandkids that live locally and we made sure they were accommodating to host kids and adults, so we ensured they were able to have toys out but also have wealthy people in the neighborhood as visitors as well. We did use a lot of textures that were prominent. Like in woven fabrics but also in woods so we used a lot of natural woods. We liked refined finishes so fine and added a lot of beam ceilings throughout the home. In the office we did a built in bed with cabinets and then added a fun, textured wall covering in plaid that was warm and inviting. It’s not too contemporary because of our finishes that softened everything. In the bathrooms we used variations of our color palette with the natural wood tones. We played with different shades of lights and darks. We needed a natural quartzite countertop in the the powder bath we did a native trail concrete sink for one of the focal points in there mixed with pendant lights for additional comfort in black shades that were fun. We added 3D textural stone on the wall that was laser-cut. Functionally we worked on traffic flow between furniture and ease of use of all the finishes. We made sure everything could be easily maintained by making sure they were wipeable, stain-resistant, and things with heavy texture making sure they are cleanable. Even the outside was given care as well. In the master bedroom we had a pretty diamond pattern glass clock on the wall and ensured it was inviting to the space but also something they could take care of. Ensuring that luxury is still livable. In the laundry room we used a tile floor that looked like historical brick mixed with painted cabinets to bring in a farmhouse feeling. We used painted cabinets and a lot of the decorative elements were reclaimed pieces. There was a lot of fun outdoor living with a beautiful pool looking at the view. Out of the bedrooms, there were also outdoor living spaces that they could enjoy in the courtyard space. The view is of  snow canyon. One of the features that captures the essence of the client is the workshop that is separate from the house. The client is a woodworker and loves to build furniture so we had the second garage turned into a woodworking shop for his hobby. With the furnishings we did a lot of things to create a vintage feeling with the chairs, master bed, and used different fabrics to make the feel handwoven or handmade. We used beautiful pieces mixed with traditional pieces and contemporary so it was an overall fun blend to work with. The clients are snowbirds during the heat of summer here in St. George, but because of the easiness to maintain the home when they get back it won’t be difficult to move in/out.